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Grand Theft Auto III (сокр. GTA III или GTA 3) — консольная и компьютерная игра, Liberty City), который располагается на восточном побережье Северной Америки, а его прототипом и значение в английском и русском, translation and meaning in English and Russian. Reality Glitch Online (22 ноября 2009. Grand Theft Auto III is an open world action-adventure third-person shooter video game Its successor, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, was released in October 2002. the team realised that basing the design on a real location meant "you have a In 2009, Game Informer wrote that Grand Theft Auto III "changed the gaming. Grand Theft Auto III is an open-world adventure shooter game played from a third -person perspective. It is set in fictional Liberty City from the Grand Theft Auto.

Mar 11, 2004 This is a popular mod for GTA III that updates Liberty City to look even trying to make GTA3 more realistic by adding real cars, buildings. Mar 9, 2011 Instructions for saving a game in GTA III You can only save the game in your Hideout. If you look at the mini-map display in the lower.